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(*) partial Medicaid funded program for eligible participants

Day Program
Saturday Club SPARC*
Horseback Riding*

Summer Programs – Horseback Riding, Club SPARC, Summer Magic (school districts)

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A social skills & therapeutic recreation experience filled with laughter, friends and fun. Activities include music, art, games and more. Goals target: typical age recreation skills, attention, language, listening, frustration and self-esteem. Children are involved at their level of readiness in a positive, flexible environment.

Place(s): Pleasantville
Time(s): 10:15am – 1:15pm
Cost: $350 / 30 weeks
Summer $100 / 5 weeks
(Medicaid ineligible + $550 / $200)
Start Dates: Start Dates: 10/15/16 | Summer 7/8/17

*Horseback Riding

Individualized, adapted riding instruction helps participants develop independence, new accomplishments, balance, posture, concentration and self-esteem. Enjoy farm animals and grooming horses. Equestrian Special Olympics - optional participation.

Place(s): Cimarron Ranch, Putnam Valley
Time(s): Lesson assigned 9:00, 9:45, 10:30am
Cost: $640 / 16 weeks (Payment plan optional)
Summer $240 / 6 weeks
(Medicaid ineligible + $240 / $90)
Start Dates: Fall: 9/17/16 | No class Jan-Mar | Summer 6/17/17
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